Everything You Want To Know About Boston Terriers

Why Boston Terrier Is Called Little American Gentlemen Among All The Dogs?

He is one of the few dogs that have a true American origin. He is often referred to as “Little American Gentleman” as he exhibits formality and is well-mannered, he has a tuxedo-like coat covering. Being short, he is too gentle and shows the characteristics of gentlemen, along with his friendliness, alertness, and even courage. He even alerts you of any strange sound even at midnight.

Boston Terriers: What’s Good About Them And What’s Bad About Them?

Pros: He is a sociable dog: He loves to be with people. A gentle dog, who behaves well even with kids or adults. He adjusts well even with other dogs as well as cats. Cons: Coaching is a serious issue that affects your pet: The Boston Terrier is easily affected by poaching, the condition that may occur due to patella issue with the rear legs, and causes dogs to lean forward onto their forelegs, and as a result, they develop unnatural curves at the back.

Does Boston Terrier Make A Good Family Dog?

1. Good Socialization: He gets easily socialized with anyone including young kids, other dogs, pets, and even kittens. 2. Cheerful Companionship: He is more tolerant of children, he enjoys roaming with everyone including young or old people. 3. Affectionate Partner: He is highly affectionate and loves human interaction. 4. Apartment and Home friendly: He can live in smaller homes and prefers apartment living.

How To Care for Your Boston Terrier:

1. Start socializing with him early. 2. Familiarize yourself with his routines and needs. 3. Train them with utmost care and discipline. 4. Give them a proper vet healthcare checkup.