Everything You Want To Know About Boston Terriers

Everything You Want To Know About Boston Terriers

Stubby, a Boston Terriers, was considered to be a  First War Dog Of America. He detected poisonous gas attacks in America during the First World War and saved many wounded American Soldiers and helped in bringing them to a no man’s area and also engaged in combat with German Soldiers.

He served as a member of the 26th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army. He achieved the rank of Sergeant and was considered a National Hero.

He might have inculcated this toughness from his ancestors who were reared to fight.

Toto, Dorothy’s friend from L. Frank Baum’s Land Of Oz, is one of the most famous fictional dogs.

There is no specification about the dog’s breed by Baum, but the features he mentioned may resemble the Boston Terrier and were depicted as such in the 1939 “Wizard Of Oz” movie.

It can be remarkable that two American Presidents owned Boston Terriers as their pets. Gerald Ford had 2 of them in his childhood namely, Fleck and Spot. Warren G. Harding had a Boston Terrier named Hub as a pet whom he described as, “ A Grateful And Devoted Dog, With Multiple Lovable Attributes.” Even Helen Keller had one as her pet.

Won’t the above facts signify that Boston Terriers are Prestigious dogs with discipline and are fighter dogs?

Here is everything you want to know about Boston Terriers, their significance, how to take care of them, and much more before you want to own them.

So, Let’s begin with a brief about the Boston Terrier Breed.

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Meet Your Boston Terrier:

Meet Your Boston Terrier - Everything You Want To Know About Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers can be awarded as Comedic Canine, Apartment Friendly Dogs, and Best Fur Friend.

Boston Terrier upholds an outgoing personality in his compact body which makes him unique from other pups. He is ultimately well-mannered and very sportive.

Being easily sociable he becomes friends with strangers and loves to play with kids.

His big round eyes always shine with affection, mischief, and interest and his funny mouth bring a smile to your face. He has a short snout. His ears stand upright and are quite large.

He has a square head which is a bit larger compared to the body. He looks funny due to his appearance.

Boston Terriers always wear a coat of tuxedos and are recognizable as “ The American Gentlemen.” The coat may not always be black and white, but sometimes it may have brindle (reddish with black stripe) or seal (black with a reddish tint) but all have white outlines on the nose, between the eyes, and their chest.

He makes comic expressions but is more calm and very dignified. He is extremely friendly, cute, and adorable.

Boston Terriers rarely bark, don’t even shed their hair often, and don’t need hours of exercise to maintain. He can be trained quickly and easily.

Why Boston Terrier Is Called Little American Gentlemen Among All The Dogs?

Boston Terrier Is Called Little American Gentlemen Among All The Dogs

He is one of the few dogs that have a true American origin. He is often referred to as “Little American Gentleman” as he exhibits formality and is well-mannered, he has a tuxedo-like coat covering.

Being short, he is too gentle and shows the characteristics of gentlemen, along with his friendliness, alertness, and even courage. He even alerts you of any strange sound even at midnight.

Does Boston Terrier Make A Good Family Dog?

Does Boston Terrier Make A Good Family Dog - Everything You Want To Know About Boston Terriers

The following points indicate that Boston Terrier is a Good Family Dog:

  1. Good Socialization: He gets easily socialized with anyone including young kids, other dogs, pets, and even kittens.
  2. Cheerful Companionship: He is more tolerant of children, he enjoys roaming with everyone including young or old people.
  3. Affectionate Partner: He is highly affectionate and loves human interaction.
  4. Apartment and Home friendly: He can live in smaller homes and prefers apartment living.
  5. Attachment with Family: He becomes attached to all family members and as such he may exhibit separation anxiety.
  6. Suitable even for First-Time Owners: Due to his friendly nature and easy socialization, will easily adjust to even first-time dog owners.

Boston Terriers: What’s Good About Them And What’s Bad About Them?

What’s Good About Them And What’s Bad About Them?


  1. He is a sociable dog: He loves to be with people. A gentle dog, who behaves well even with kids or adults. He adjusts well even with other dogs as well as cats.
  2. He stays quiet: Most dogs barks when a squirrel runs in front of them or if any stranger comes, but Boston Terriers stay calm until he senses any danger or is spooky.
  3. He is a good guardian dog: His quiet nature makes him a good guardian dog. He barks at strangers only if he notices any danger and alerts you.
  4. Doesn’t need too much grooming: He can be easily maintainable and requires less grooming. He sheds a little, only during the seasons, and needs to be bathed occasionally, a simple brushing can be enough to groom him.
  5. He is highly sensitive to the moods of the owners: He is emotionally intelligent and he needs a home with good mental stability. In case you give him a harsh tone and shame him, he becomes extremely stubborn.
  6. He can take over the leadership: If you don’t want to be a pack leader then he will be ready to take over the responsibility.
  7. He needs minimal space to live: He will be about 17 inches as an adult and weighs only 25 pounds. He is highly sensitive to cold weather as his coat won’t provide a lot of insulation. As such he becomes comfortable with apartment living.
  8. He is an affordable dog to own: Instead of paying several dollars on a champion canine, you can go for an easily affordable Boston Terrier Dog for as less as $500. His clothing and grooming charges are also low, they just need short walks, and playing with a ball.


  1. Coaching is a serious issue that affects your pet: The Boston Terrier is easily affected by poaching, the condition that may occur due to patella issue with the rear legs, and causes dogs to lean forward onto their forelegs, and as a result, they develop unnatural curves at the back.
  2. He won’t tolerate exercise: He has short muzzles which make him tolerate heavy exercise, and he doesn’t have ways to dispel excess heat. He can’t even run longer distances.
  3. He has a sensitive digestive system: He has to be fed a specialized diet as his gastrointestinal tract is very sensitive. He has to be fed a proper diet at the proper time or else, he may have gas trouble and also can fart.
  4. Other cons are he snores, gets some health issues, is sensitive to plants, debris, or thorns he will get a high risk of eye injuries. Most of these canines give birth via C-section. He eats everything and anything on his way. He is a highly energetic dog with a high level of mental stimulation. He has a rough style of play.

How To Care for Your Boston Terrier:

  1. Start socializing with him early.
  2. Familiarize yourself with his routines and needs.
  3. Train them with utmost care and discipline.
  4. Give them a proper vet healthcare checkup.



Having a Boston Terrier as a pet will be fun for the complete family. He is a loyal pup and is a happy-go-lucky pup.

The name came from the birthplace Boston, which originated in the 19th century. The judge was the first Boston Terrier who was a mix of English Bulldog And White Terrier. Lived in Liverpool, but went to Boston when his owner sold him to an American, William O’Brien.

He can be easily trainable and is a well-disciplined guardian dog. He loves human companionship and also makes new friends easily.

Are you looking for a friendly, well-disciplined, affectionate, and proud partner? Then try petting a Boston Terrier.

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