The Best Time To Visit Bali, Indonesia In 2022

1. Best Season to Travel to Bali (April-October)

This is the dry season, or summer season, in Bali. According to the weather conditions, April to October is the most delightful time to visit Bali.  This is the dry season of Bali, where there is not too much rainfall and humidity. During this period, tourists can enjoy all the outdoor activities here, such as snorkeling and diving, hiking or taking a short trek, sailing, cycling, sunbathing, etc.

2. Bali in the Wet Season (November-March)

If you are planning your vacation in Bali between November and March, then you must avoid this period.  January is the coldest month and there is too much humidity because there is heavy rainfall and the temperature falls. Tourists can enjoy indoor activities due to the rainy season. The biggest advantage is that you will get the hotels at a discounted rate. Flight and ship fares are also reasonable, and you can explore the beauty of Bali at pocket-friendly prices.

3. Cheapest Time to Visit Bali

If visitors want their journey to be cheaper, then they must travel to Bali in the off-season, i.e., in the month of January.  During this period, there is heavy rainfall in Bali, so tourists enjoy indoor activities and the hotel rooms and flight charges are at low rates. But still, people can enjoy the Hindu festival in this monsoon period, i.e., Galungan. In this, families make food and offer blossoms and then bring them to their local temples.

4. The best month to visit Bali is

The best months to travel to Bali are April, May, September, and October.  In this period, the island is crowded but not as expensive as it is in peak season.  In these months, you will enjoy the sunny weather, but there is an occasional rain shower. During this period, you will enjoy lots of festivals like the Bali Spirit Festival, which is held in April or May (it is a celebration of yoga, art, and music).

5. When is the best time to avoid crowds in Bali?

If tourists want to avoid crowds in Bali, then they should visit in the off-season, i.e. in October, January, and February.  For these three months, you will face heavy rainfall. That’s the reason you will not find any crowds on beaches. During this period, the island is calm and you can visit different temples without being thronged.  You will also get the best deals and discounts on air tickets and hotel rooms.


If you are planning a trip to Bali, then the best time to travel to Bali is between April and October.  This is the dry or summer season in Bali, and in this period you can enjoy all the outdoor as well as indoor activities. The downside of this season is that hotel rooms and airline tickets are quite expensive.  But, you can book your hotel and airline tickets in advance to avoid high prices.